Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NOAA 7-Day Forecast for Troy, Oregon

7-Day Forecast for Troy, Oregon; Latitude 45.95°N and Longitude 117.45°W (Elev. 1597 ft)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steel Head fishing improving in Troy

Spoke with one fisherman who limited out on hatchery steel head on the Grande Ronde River in Troy, Oregon, today. He reported that he caught 9 steel head and 2 chinook salmon, a great day on the river and the best report we've heard since season opened on September 1st.

With the rain and cooling trend over the last two days, catch reports for steel head fishing have improved from the 0 to 1 fish per day, to 0 to 4 fish on the average. The numbers and the "bite" should continue to improve if the rain reported to be on the way really does arrive tonight.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wenaha Muzzle Loader 2011 Rendezvous, Troy, Oregon

This weekend, April 22-24, the Wenaha Muzzleloaders will be hosting their annual spring Rendezvous on 'Grizz Flat' in Troy, Oregon. Bring your black powder rifle, join in the festivities, or just come to watch. This annual event sometimes boasts over 100 shooters and is an awesome display of old time black powder shooting.

Stop at Troy Resort's restaurant and enjoy a Mountain Man Chili Burger!
Link to Flyer for Wenaha Muzzle Loader 2011 Rendezvous:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

View ODFW feeding Elk in Troy and have Lunch at Resort

The elk gather each morning on hillside above Troy where the Wenaha Oregon Fish and Wildlife personnel feed them during the winter months.  Look close at above photo and you can see them dotting the side of the canyon.

It is quite a sight to see 150-300 of these animals gathered in one herd. Best time to view is in mornings shortly before or after they are fed. They tend to disperse and retreat to the upper bench after breakfast and can easily be seen on canyon walls from the county road.

Come watch the Elk and then visit Troy Resort for your lunch!
(Restaurant open 12 noon to 8 PM, Wed. thru Sun.)