Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fuel Station in Troy, Oregon, is Operational again!

Our fuel station in Troy, Oregon, is once again 100% operational! 

The Oregon Dept. of Agriculture tested and certified our pump today and we are once again pumping regular fuel, 87 octane (product also contains 10% Ethanol).  Is a huge relief to finally not have to send fisherman, hunters, and other motorists 50 plus miles to Asotin, Washington or Enterprise, Oregon to get a few gallons of gas.  The Troy Resort also has a propane bottle filling station.

Gas is available during Troy Resort's restaurants hours of operation, Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 8 PM.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Steel Head fishing season off to great Start!

With the 2010 steel head fishing season already started September 1st and the usual fall run peaking in October, already seeing some beautiful fish, both native and hatchery, being caught in the Grande Ronde River in Troy.

This lucky guy caught this keeper under the green bridge at the confluence of the Grande Ronde and Wenaha rivers, less than 60 yards from the Resort.  Nice fish, way to go!